Ella’s Jus is determined to bring delicious drinks to our neighborhood using 100% raw fruits and vegetables. We offer delights that make our neighbors feel good in the form of great tasting, super nutritious smoothies, juices and healthy foods that make you come back for more.


Our ingredients are locally sourced and our products hand crafted and freshly made daily.

Our Journey

Josselyn’s juice crafting passion began when she was 3 years old, it was in her grandmother’s kitchen that she learned to make her first smoothie. Growing up all she knew was her desire to share those fun flavors with those she loves, and now the world.

Ella’s Jus believes in the power of motivation, self-determination and the ability to build roads where there are none. The always on the go, never stopping essence of life has discouraged people from noticing their health. It has led to calorie-dense and poor nutritional diets, developing a chain of physical, emotional, and mental side effects.

Ella’s Jus aims at doing the exact opposite. We want to provide our customers with delicious treats that won’t take a toll on their body, treats that will help them feel physically great, but also great about themselves. Women, men and children alike need us on their side, to encourage them to take care of their health even under the most stressful situations.

So know that we are here for you!

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